The beaches of Koufonissia

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The beaches of Koufonissia are great, undoubtedly, but in order to reach the most beautiful ones, you have to walk far or go on a boat. Since all the beaches are at the south coast they are well protected from the northern wind that blows over the Cyclades throughout the summer. Let us start with the beaches closest to town. The first one you値l find when getting ashore is the Town beach. It is actually one of the most beautiful town beaches we have ever seen. The sand is very light and fine. Sometimes one can feel quite peeled by the sand that blows in the dry wind from land though. The beach promenade is so wide that it also functions as the island soccer field.



The Town beach.

West of Chora there is at least two beaches. You値l find the first one, Loutro, in the bay where the island's boat release is situated. Unfortunately the beach is covered with stones as big as your fist. They are very uncomfortable to walk on. There is also a lot of plants and seaweed in the water, so we were not tempted to go for a swim here.



The Loutro beach.

If you continue further up the hill from Loutro you値l soon spot a big, well-protected bay with lots of fishing boats. The long beach in this bay is called Parianos. At first glance it seems great and quite attractive, but when you get close the truth evolves. The water is full of slimy pants, seaweed and garbage. In short, you can forget about this beach!



The Parianos beach. What you see on this picture might look all right, but believe you me; we were not at all tempted to take a dip in the water here.

Between these two beaches there are a few small beaches witch actually seemed all right. The problem is that they are not protected from the open sea. When we passed the waves was just too big to go swimming.

The best beaches on Koufonissia are undoubtedly east of Chora. To get there you have two options: You can walk or you can take the beach boat. We will definitely recommend you choose the first option. Walking. At least do this once and then all the way to the furthest beach, which is by far the most beautiful one. This hike along the south coast is full of experiences. The islands camping area is also here situated about 1,5 km east of Chora. In the surroundings of the camping there are four beaches. They are so close to each other that it is hard to tell when one end and the next begin. I actually "lost" one when I went to shoot pictures of them. The one I "lost" was the first one, Finikas, which is very small and somehow merges with the next; Charakopou. You値l find a tavern next to the beach here.



The Charakopou beach. You can see the tavern behind the green bushes in the middle of the picture. As you can see, there are also some places where you can get accommodation out here.

At the far end of this beach you'll find the camping (just outside the right end of the picture). If you take the path outside the camping you'll get to the Thanos beach, which is quite all right.



The Thanos beach.

When you continue a bit further you値l get to one of Koufonissiaエs small cave beaches. They are incredible beautiful with spectacular colours both on the rocks and in the water. Just take a glance at the next picture!



It is really tempting to take a dip in the water here; you just have to manage to get down to the beach first!

Close by, a bit further east, the magnificent Platia Punta beach is stretching out. This is the first beach that is quite frequented by nudists. But like most Greek islands, a nice mix of guests with or without clothes visits it. Basically everyone does as they please with the swimsuits.



The Platia Punta beach. Her you even fined some small sand dunes. It is an excellent beach!

Still, if you want to see the best one you have to continue even further east. And yes, you have to walk quite far in order to reach Pori as it is called. But if you like this great cave beaches that should not be a problem, because you find some more of them on the way to Pori.



This last one was quite something special. It only has a small opening to the sea through a tunnel that you can see at the left in the picture. We were also eager to jump in the clear water, but we left it to some other guests to try it out.

Before we reached the last beach we stopped for a bite. We were on a hike to take pictures and that takes some time. Fortunately we had brought with us both water and food, because there is nowhere to buy anything after you have passed the camping. It is not necessary to have a lunch break if you are just on your way to Pori. If you walk straight it goes fast, but still it is vital to bring something to drink since there are no shops there.



The Pori beaches.

This beach is excellent with light and fine sand. The beach lies well protected in a perfect half-moon-shaped bay. Pori is spacious since it is as long as it is. You even find some sand dunes here. After the long walk it was absolutely fantastic to take a bath here. Also Pori is a beach for both nudists and those who prefer to keep their swimsuits on.

The trip to Pori does not have to be as long as what we have described here. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to take a beach boat to Pori and the Finikas area where the camping is. It is also possible to take a shorter way, than along the beach, if you choose to walk. You can take road that cuts straight across the island. Since we had already walked all the way along the beaches we took this inland road back to Chora. At the end we had actually spent a whole day on this round trip, but of course we spent a lot of time on taking pictures and bathing. A roundtrip that gets our warmest recommendation and it is warm, so remember to bring along water to drink!

Last but not least there is a great beach you can get to from Koufonissia, Nero beach. To get there you have to take the beach boat because Nero is at Koufonissiaエs neighbour island, Kato.

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